Welcome to AMEXCI

Alongside our owners group of industry leaders, we innovate the Swedish manufacturing industry, accelerating the adoption of Additive Manufacturing. Our competence and technological capacity lets us bring a new generation of innovative engineers and products to the market.

What we do


Additive Manufacturing is changing how you can design and manufacture products, how we think around business models and logistics in the supply chain. Trainings can help you start your journey in the additive technology field as well as give you the tools to evaluate and define your own business cases.


This is where we transform great ideas into real life products. We work together with you in order to transfer knowledge on how to develop the manufacturing process and re-design your product. We tune your process through manufacturing trials and can develop process parameters and materials to fit your application.


Our capacity of high-tech software and hardware enables us to accelerate your industrialisation of Additive Manufacturing. We offer pilot production and development of parameters and procedures at our facilities in Karlskoga. When certified, the processes are transferred to your future production line.