Remarks by Edvin Resebo, CEO, AMEXCI

Drawing to a close and getting ready to summarize an extraordinary year, a year that has put us to the test as companies as well as human beings in society. It has been a year of sacrifice; we have all felt the force to leave our old ways behind and adopt new ways of thinking about our businesses, how we can better serve our customers and society. 

We came into this year thinking we knew what our general sense of direction would be only to see it all crumble, as our world was struck by a global pandemic and our society pushed to the brink of what it could withstand. 

“This is a journey we could not have done alone. We are thankful to our customers, partners and shareholders who have shown endurance and never wavering support of our mission, to deliver Additive Manufacturing excellence for Industry. Together we are AMEXCI.”

– Edvin Resebo, CEO AMEXCI

As our ordinary business came to a halt around March, we encountered the Swedish healthcare sector who was in grave need of personal protective equipment. Without hesitation, we rose to the challenge and tried to find ways to help where we could. 

Supporting the medical sector using Polymer AM and conventional manufacturing

Thanks to the speed and flexibility of polymer Additive Manufacturing (AM) and a close collaboration with Region Sörmland we were able to develop a reusable, CE marked, face cover.  We ramped up production using conventional manufacturing processes like thermoforming and injection molding in a matter of weeks. By the end of June we had, together with our partners, delivered 770.000 visors enabling over 1.000.000 patient iterations for the healthcare sector. 

As demand was fading in the healthcare sector over summer and our regular business started to get back into marching speed, we shifted our operations fully back to AM R&D. The new demand was on to realize some incredible new innovations that are truly groundbreaking in their respective field. Our customers seemed to be back with a reawakened fighting spirit, which has kept us busy and will continue to do so all the way to the finish line and into what 2021 holds. 

Looking towards new beginnings  

With the global pandemic still ongoing we must stay vigilant, flexible, and light on our feet. People around the world are getting vaccinated and there is a shimmer of hope, a promise of a better tomorrow if we can keep it together just a little longer. Together, we believe we can make 2021 a year of comeback.

This year has tested us in numerous ways, reminded us to stay humble and proven the importance of collaboration between public and private sectors. This year has given us direction of what needs to happen to futureproof our industries. It has steadied the course since long known and echoed through our Nordic industries for more than seven decades; “To move from the old to what is about to come, is the only tradition worth keeping”

Yours sincerely,

Edvin Resebo