On Thursday, April 7, AMEXCI invited shareholders and partners to the CXO Conference in Stockholm. The idea was to take stock of the owner companies after four years of cooperation, and discuss individual advances, prospects and trends in additive manufacturing.  

Marcus Wallenberg, initiator of AMEXCI and Chairman of FAM AB, and Joakim Westh, Chairman of the AMEXCI Board of Directors, opened the CXO Conference, together with AMEXCI CEO and moderator, Edvin Resebo. The conference was divided into three blocks; digitalization, technology, and sustainability, making sure all developments within the AMEXCI consortium would be covered during the day.  

— AMEXCI’s collaborative model, with its strong network and deep knowledge, will stay a powerful force, capturing the opportunities in additive manufacturing. As a long-term owner and investor, we are now ramping up our support for what is yet to come”, says Marcus Wallenberg, Chair of FAM.

Marcus Wallenberg, Chair of FAM

Shifting conversations

The presenting companies proved to the audience, that regardless of the nature of any individual project, their use of additive manufacturing is getting more advanced with each day that passes. Nowadays, there are entire teams with specific AM implementation strategies, even for serial production – a result of their four years’ collaboration with AMEXCI. The on-stage presentations also showed that discussions have increased their maturity level – proving enormous progress.  

— We have come to a point where we talk more and more about IPR and protecting our AM innovations. In terms of production, we talk about sustainable AM production, and use of digitalization to unlock the true potential of AM”, says Edvin Resebo, CEO of AMEXCI.

Strategic collaborations and partnerships

Several of AMEXCI’s collaboration partners also talked on stage to inspire the audience and give their view on the current state of AM technologies, as well as the AM market. These businesses have a long background in AM and are an important part for AMEXCI to act as a resource to its shareholders and customers. 

— Our partners inspire us every day. They make sure we can run our business and support our shareholders and customers, says Edvin Resebo. We drive excellence in the AM industry together.

The aim is for this conference to become a re-occurring event for shareholders, partners, and not the least, the AMEXCI team, to reflect on developments and lessons learned within the field of additive manufacturing. The knowledge gathered and shared through these events supports future projects, either internally, within the AMEXCI shareholders’ group, or externally – meaning AMEXCI’s diverse customer portfolio. The goal is to increase knowledge sharing between AMEXCI and all who is interested in additive manufacturing, or to those who are already existing AMEXCI customers.