Developing and producing customer components together with us at AMEXCI was for a long-time part of the Additive Manufacturing journey. However, to receive a finalized part, it needs to go through different post-processing steps, where one of them is CNC machining. As we want to give our customers the best conditions when they take on the AM journey with us, we have acquired a CNC machine that we will operate in-house.  

As we have seen an increase in our customers’ usage of Additive Manufacturing technologies, we realized how important it is for us to offer them the proper conditions for taking their idea and turning it into reality. From acquiring a new serial production AM machine during the month of April, and now, to closing the loop with a CNC machine, we want to support our customers even more in becoming competitive and sustainable on the global market. We believe our customers need a steady partner that can assist them in a complete AM journey. The new EMCO MaxxMill 630 will arrive at AMEXCI in the end of May 2021 and will be ready for usage as soon as it is set up in our facilities.


Joel Andersson, Head of Operations at AMEXCI suggests that the new CNC machine will assist customers in receiving a complete Additive Manufacturing journey – going from idea to complete product: “Adding a CNC machine into our in-house capacity will mean that we will handle all the necessary steps in our customers’ AM journey. Going from an initial idea or business case, to designing it for AM, producing and qualifying it and lastly post-processing it, we will have the necessary means to optimize our customers’ supply chain and become a steady partner for them”.

The new CNC machine will provide numerous different benefits to AMEXCI’s customers, such as more competitive prices and a better supply chain optimization. However, the largest benefit of having a CNC machine in-house at AMEXCI, will mean shorter lead times for our customers’ components. More specifically, we will not have to work together with a third-party to post-process the parts, but rather by doing it in-house, our customers will experience much shorter lead times. As such, by adding the final tool that will close the loop of our customers’ AM journey, we will be able to deliver a ready product to them – transforming their idea into reality.