AMEXCI is entering a collaborative partnership with AMADDE, having the purpose to provide customers with online learning courses for additive manufacturing. As a result, AMEXCI customers can start their Additive Manufacturing (AM) journey online from now on, receiving a basic introduction to additive manufacturing with the support of the AMADDE e-learning platform. The online courses are open to everyone interested in starting to explore AM, where customers can choose their own learning pace.   

The e-learning platform was developed by AMADDE with the support of AMEXCI, which provided feedback on how to tailor the tool to customers’ needs. Several AMEXCI shareholders were involved in the process, testing the platform in beta version, while giving feedback to improve it in a good way to suit both companies and individuals. The online courses on the platform are created by Benjamin Haller, owner of AMADDE, who has extensive experience in additive manufacturing, as well as approved by AMEXCI professionals. Moreover, additional reading material available on AMADDE is provided by AMEXCI.   

“I believe this is a great partnership for both AMADDE and AMEXCI, as both companies are independent of any supplier, technology, company, industry – we take the whole AM market into account. Moreover, as on-demand solutions are more important than ever, in a more flexible and dynamic working environment, we hope to reach even more people with the e-learning platform.”, says Benjamin Haller, Owner of AMADDE 

Through the e-learning platform, customers will start their AM journey online. It is an important knowledge-sharing tool, allowing them a smooth entry into the AM world and AMEXCI. In other words, participants will have access to beginner-level AM courses, preparing them for more advanced tailored courses with AMEXCI professionals. At the same time, customers will acquire the necessary knowledge to start diverse AM projects or application business cases.

“The AMADDE e-learning platform is the right tool to start working with Additive Manufacturing, it offers a flexible and cost-effective solution. Our focus is to offer a tool that would help trainees get the AM mindset, so they can later support others within their company and initiate projects involving Additive Manufacturing. Any participants in these courses, from designers, procurement or quality professionals and managers will be able to initiate their own AM projects from now on, leading to a wider adoption of additive manufacturing within diverse industries.” says Benjamin Delignon, Head of Innovation at AMEXCI.

The AMADDE e-learning platform is already available for anyone interested to start exploring AM and receive a basic understanding of the many different possibilities of these technologies.  Visit AMADDE here: 

Contact at AMEXCI: 
Akshatha Dayananda, Innovation Manager at AMEXCI
72 241 38 15

Contact at AMADDE: 
Benjamin Haller, Founder of AMADDE
+49 162 679 8150


AMEXCI, a Nordic Additive Manufacturing company, develops, together with its customers, a new generation of products where AM acts as an enabler for higher competitiveness and more sustainable production. Furthermore, we offer a range of trainings and workshops to build successful business cases.We have the capability to design, produce and qualify components.

Our mission is to drive excellence and accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing technologies. We act as a resource for our customers, providing them services and expertise in AM, to stay competitive and sustainable in the global arena.

AMEXCI is currently owned by 12 leading Nordic Industrial companies: ABB, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Ericsson, FAM, Husqvarna Group, Höganäs AB, Saab, Scania, SKF, Stora Enso and Wärtsilä