AMEXCI OY acquire its first machine to be installed at the newly build AM lab in Tampere. The machine is an AMCM M 290-2 L-PBF system from AMCM, an EOS GROUP company. This investment will strengthen the collaboration around adopting additive manufacturing in the Nordics.

The acquisition is essential in AMEXCI’s goal of connecting the Nordics, allowing the company to provide even higher quality services and products to customers locally in Finland.  The company is already supporting its customers to develop business cases, designing for AM and this investment will also enable localized production of parts. 

“We are excited to have our first industrial 3d printing system in production by Q3”, says Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director, AMEXCI Oy. “Our lab in Tampere is constructed according to highest industry standards and responds to the demands for high-quality AM parts and safe AM environments. This acquisition allows us to push metal AM forward across the Baltic Sea and the rest of the Nordics”, he says. 

Creating a hub for continuous development in metal AM
The use of additive manufacturing in Finland has matured in previous years, and AMEXCI Oy, established in 2021, already works closely with its Finnish shareholders, Wärtsilä and Stora Enso. AMEXCI’s strategic presence in both Sweden and Finland aims at strengthening the collaboration between shareholders, partners and customers in Finland, creating an AM hub for continuous development in metal AM. 

Markus Glasser, SVP EMEA at EOS states: “Both EOS and AMEXCI believe in AM facilitating unique applications, and AMEXCI is the perfect end-to-end solution partner for us. Beyond the system installation, EOS Oy will co-operate with AMEXCI Oy to further push innovation in metal AM and develop new materials and parameter sets for our technology.”

AMCM M 290-2 Specifications
Compared to the EOS M 290, the AMCM M 290-2 has 2 x 400-watt lasers providing AMEXCI customers with proven EOS M 290 technology while almost doubling the productivity and reducing customers’ cost per part. Additionally, the system comes with Optical Tomography (OT), which provides users with data from the 3D printing process, containing quality indicators based on the specific requirements for each build.


AMEXCI OY is providing expertise in defining in-depth business cases for AM and constantly push available technologies to the limits to give a competitive edge to industrial users. Finland, a country with huge AM potential for metal applications, will long-term benefit from an increased domestic capacity. The core focus is to continue the collaborative approach established in AMEXCI and contribute to successful business cases and innovations. For any inquiries or questions, please contact Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director at AMEXCI Oy.

For more information, please contact:
Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director AMEXCI Oy