AMEXCI launches new Learn New Skills webpage to facilitate access to additive manufacturing trainings and respond to market demands of additive manufacturing knowledge building

AMEXCI has developed the concept of a personalized additive manufacturing (AM) journey, where customers will be able to find courses that are relevant to their specific needs. A personalized AM journey will support different people throughout the value chain of a company and prepare them for the next steps in their AM journey. 
—We have seen more and more requests from managers, procurement teams and others asking what the next steps in additive manufacturing would be for them. This course site and extended course content will guide them through these next steps, says Maxime Legrand, Innovation Manager at AMEXCI. 

A concept based on customer needs
As part of this new concept, seven profiles have been defined: designers, production engineers, managers, supply chain, procurement, quality and AM experts. People of each profile can choose a courses of their chioce and strengthen their AM knowhow in three different steps; starting with basic understanding of the AM Fundamentals, diving deeper into AM, and finally be able to master additive manufacturing. The training site allow customers to add courses to a wish list and build their own AM journey. It is also possible to directly look for a topic by using the search function.

How to book an AM course at AMEXCI
Customers will be able to book an individual course, book a course for their entire team, or request to be contacted by AMEXCI and join “open sessions” which will be held together with other companies. On top of this, AMEXCI has joined a collaborative partnership with AMADDE to provide online courses through AMADDE’s e-learning platform. Read more about the collaboration between AMEXCI and AMADDE in this press release: AMEXCI and AMADDE join forces .

For more information, please contact:
Maxime Legrand, Innovation Manager
+46 73 072 10 18