Having opened a subsidiary in Finland a few months ago, funded by Saab, AMEXCI is happy to announce the opening of its new office in Tampere, Finland. A new beginning, where Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director at AMEXCI Oy, together with his team, provide support to customer’s additive manufacturing projects. An office that allows AMEXCI to achieve an even closer collaboration in Additive Manufacturing and to continuously futureproof Nordic Industries with the support of these technologies.

AMEXCI’s new office is located in Tampere, the second largest urban area in Finland and the third most populous municipality. Upon establishment, several factors were considered before choosing Tampere as the location for AMEXCI’s new Finnish office:

  • It is a city in constant development.
  • Tampere incorporates a vast array of manufacturing industries working with new technologies including AM
  • It is a city with a central geographical location, thus facilitating face to face meetings between customers and AMEXCI
  • It has a university, providing collaboration opportunities on diverse research projects, where AMEXCI will continue to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Initially, the office will have three employees, among which, Managing Director, Johannes Karjalainen and two Additive Manufacturing Specialists. There, AMEXCI is glad to start receiving customers and have face to face meetings again, after having a long period of remote discussions. Moreover, as a result of a close collaboration between the Swedish and Finnish office, AMEXCI will be able to provide an even better support to its customers, by always choosing the best possible team for each project. Customer projects can start from an initial analysis of their business case, to the final 3D printed component. However, more than often, additional steps are included in their Additive Manufacturing journey before they can be presented with their final part. Among them are for example workshops or trainings, research projects, design services or material analysis. No matter what their manufacturing challenge is, Additive Manufacturing technologies can support in solving it.

In addition, the new office allows AMEXCI, to offer an even better service to all Finnish customers and shareholders, as a result of a closer collaboration with them.

“This is an important step in achieving our mission of driving excellence in Additive Manufacturing within the Nordic region and accelerating the adoption of these technologies. Opening a new office in Tampere is an important milestone on our way of bringing a 3D printing capacity closer to our customers in Finland. Simultaneously, we will contribute to the AM development in Finland by cooperating with different companies in the field, universities, and especially FAME, the Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem. Happy to invite all existing customers and companies interested in AMEXCI’s capabilities to our new office to meet and discuss future co-operation.”, says Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director at AMEXCI Oy.

If you are interested to visit AMEXCI at the new office in Tampere for any related Additive Manufacturing service, please do not hesitate, and contact Johannes Karjalainen for more information.