by Edvin Resebo, CEO of AMEXCI

Four years together with you.

Once a year we allow ourselves to look in the rear-view mirror and reflect upon the things that have happened since setting out on this journey. For four years, we have been working in a tight collaboration with our shareholders and customers to drive the industrialization of Additive Manufacturing from R&D into serial production. We will continue to provide the necessary resources to bring ideas into the physical world by utilizing the capacity of our fantastic team as well as our state-of-the-art AM setup.

Still, this is a journey too great for one to do alone and that’s why we are also proud to have such an amazing network of collaboration partners and solution providers from all around the globe.

Seeing how the utilization of AM has increased, how many active users of AM there are today compared to when we started, is daunting in itself, and one of our greatest achievements. Together, we have paved the way for a new generation of products that are visible (if you know where to look) in the water, on the roads, in the air and everything in between. Our inspiring community of AM champions that work so hard on driving internal AM agendas and overcoming the challenges of implementation on a daily basis – you inspire us to work harder and challenge ourselves every day.

Investing into AM is an investment for the future and a way to ensure that you can stay on the forefront of influencing factors all around us, a way to spearhead sustainability in production and resource management as well as looking to supply chain challenges of the future.  

Like it is for everyone – this road has not been without challenges. From managing expectations about what AM actually can do, to gaining trust in our capabilities. Being a young company, we have also had to work hard on building up our processes and ensuring consistency in our deliveries even if the team itself holds a lot of personal experience in AM. It is important to dare to fail, not everything we have embarked on has been successful but what defines us is in the end how we choose to act when we do fail and how we learn from it which has also played a crucial part in our development.

Looking into the future and what we are going to bring to you is more interesting ways of utilizing AM and an even bigger push in the area of industrialization. You can count on us to be there with you for the long run, the journey we are on is a marathon – not a sprint. This is not just a day for us to celebrate our own existence but from our perspective a day to celebrate our joint achievements as a group. To our shareholders, customers, collaboration partners and friends in the industry – thank you for sharing this journey with us!

Last but definitely not least I want to say a big thank you to Team AMEXCI who works day (and sometimes nights) to deliver Additive Manufacturing Excellence for Industry.

Edvin Resebo is CEO of AMEXCI, since the founding of the company in 2017. Background in AM from Siemens Energy business based in Finspång, Sweden, working in R&D for Industrial Gas Turbines (IGT). My vision is to see AM technologies being widely adopted through all business sectors and how we can enable companies on their AM journey to create more resource efficient, high performing and sustainable products.