To provide cost-effective solutions, shorter lead times and a streamlined in-house quality assurance, we have added a turning machine to our facilities. This will not only support us develop process parameters faster, but also simplify and speed up our in-house testing of tensile bars. These are a key aspect when it comes to monitoring the quality of your printed components, allowing us to build up material data over time. On top of this, we can now support you with simpler turning operations, offering you an even more complete AM-journey.  

Already since last year, we have seen the need to include a CNC milling machine into our in-house capacity. It allowed us to provide you with a complete AM journey, going from idea to finalized product, where post-processing was required, and where the CNC machine played an important role. It offered us the means to become a steady partner for you, while improving lead times, reducing costs, and thus optimizing your supply chain.

This year, we added one more machine into our facilities – the EMCOTURN E25, a CNC turning machine. It provides us the means to consolidate our development and production services even more, by in-house manufacturing of tensile bars for mechanical testing, or simpler turning operations according to your needs. The goal is to reduce costs and offer you better lead times, while keeping up with the quality of our services.

What difference will the turning machine make to your projects?

The CNC turning machine will positively influence both the development and production of your components. On the one side, we will provide shorter lead times and competitive prices when it comes to mechanical testing. As we already have an in-house tensile testing rig and 3D printing machines, we will now be able to machine the tensile bars in-house as well, thus offering you the complete supply chain. Moreover, we can now support you with different turning operations, for projects not needing tensile bars, but rather geometries requiring a turning machine.

On the other hand, we are consolidating our quality assurance in the production of parts. Each job we print contains several tensile bars that we are testing on a weekly basis. It allows us to monitor the quality of our machines and powders used during the printing process. Additionally, as we want to develop parameters tailored to your needs, having a turning machine in-house helps us to put in the next gear, speeding up the final stage of parameter development: mechanical testing.

As a result, our new CNC turning machine will not only provide you with shorter lead times and better costs on your projects, but also allow us to develop process parameters faster for your needs, while always maintaining the quality of our services and your printed components.