Raya Mertens is part of the Additive Manufacturing team at Atlas Copco Airpower in Belgium, which is one of many teams AMEXCI has worked closely with during the past five years. In connection to our fifth-year anniversary, we asked Raya to share her perspective on the journey with us.

Since 2018, teams within the different entities of Atlas Copco have been focusing on working together with us at AMEXCI. Over the years we have concluded several projects, investigating different areas within Additive Manufacturing (AM). We have developed several applications in various materials as well as concluded Research projects focusing on e.g., new materials, technologies, or sustainability in AM.

Raya Mertens joined the Additive Manufacturing team of Atlas Copco in Belgium in 2019. Before joining the company, she obtained a PhD at the university of Leuven, Belgium (KU Leuven) in the field of Laser Powder Bed Fusion. Her research focused on the material behavior during the LPBF process and material properties of several aluminum, steel and nickel alloys processed by LPBF.

Raya Mertens, AM Expert at Atlas Copco Airpower in Belgium

Within Atlas Copco, Raya has an AM expert role and focusses on AM product development. For this role, she closely follows up the fast-changing AM market and she spreads information and provides training within the company.

Raya, how would you describe these five years of collaboration?

– Five years of close contact. AMEXCI can meet us where we are and tune projects to what makes sense. The AMEXCI team knows us well and gives us the support we need. On top of that, we can communicate very openly and tackle things right away. It’s like having an extended team of colleagues and over the past years, we have grown together to the point where we are now.

Can you please tell us about when you first heard about AMEXCI?

– When I started working at Atlas Copco, I already came from a background in additive manufacturing, but with a dedicated focus on LPBF. During my first months at Atlas Copco, I spent much of my time bringing myself up to speed on all other AM technologies and projects. Having access to the AMEXCI multi-owner project reports was a real blessing and helped greatly in getting a structured and at the same time detailed overview of the market.  

AMEXCI is a joint venture between 12 industrial manufacturing companies. What is your view on the company set-up?

– These days, more and more companies join forces and work towards the same goals related to AM. AMEXCI was an early adopter of this approach, and it has paid off and added value to all companies involved.

Can you give an example?

– Many projects we conduct, involve several companies with similar challenges or interests. We conduct AM research together and share the results between us. We all learn from the project results and from each other.

Tell us about Atlas Copco-specific projects.

– AMEXCI has supported us throughout the process of investigating e.g., new technologies, enabled studies, and developed applications. The team also has a very broad network and brings us in contact with relevant companies who provide additional technologies or insights.

What about our future collaboration?

– As AMEXCI grows we can approach the team with full attention as a result. I hope we will continue to join forces in additive manufacturing.

About Atlas Copco
Atlas Copco is a global company with headquarters in Stockholm, pioneering in the field of technology and engineering. Atlas Copco products, solutions and services help customers to optimize productivity, lower costs, lower CO2 emission and achieve sustainability goals. Atlas Copco activities and products are located in the areas of compressor technique, vacuum technique (including semiconductor applications), industrial technique and power technique.

Since 2014, Atlas Copco started exploring the opportunities of Additive Manufacturing. Over the past years, the AM-team has gradually grown to a total of 14 people worldwide, focusing on adding value to products and operations by adoption of AM.

For more information about Atlas Copco Airpower and their work in additive manufacturing, please contact:
Raya Mertens: raya.mertens@atlascopco.com