AMEXCI has welcomed the month of April with a newly acquired AM machine, the SLM500, with four lasers and ready for serial production. This acquisition makes it possible for us at AMEXCI to support our customers even more by producing their AM applications in a faster and cost-friendlier way. Partnering up with SLM, alongside our already existing partners, opened the doors for manufacturing of larger components and increased productivity – always striving to move forward.

The new machine, equipped with four lasers, is promising to provide the ideal basis for rapid cost-effective production of large aluminium parts, while the 700 Watt lasers will ensure maximum efficiency. Moreover, the ability to change the build chamber minimizes machine downtime, maximizes productivity, and reduces cost per part. As for now, we are still getting accustomed to the new machine – going through the process of our internal qualification – and we will soon be ready for production. 

Amit Saini, Application Engineer at AMEXCI, shares his first impressions on the new machine: “The biggest advantage with the SLM500 is the reduction of cycle time from the start of a build job to the end. Also, the machine’s hopper system ensures continuous supply of powder making it easier to print taller components. My initial impression of the machine and its software is that it is completely open for the user to have full control of the process, which makes it easier for us to work with.” 

With the support of SLM technicians, the new machine was installed and became ready for its first print job. Even though we are currently in the process of our internal qualification, we have started to explore part of the machine’s functionalities, by testing several printing jobs.

“The machine feels very well built and well thought out. So far, I’m very impressed with the closed-loop powder system the SLM 500 has. Also, their user friendly interface helps monitoring the process – both from a safety perspective, having less contact with the powder, but also having the possibility to maintain a higher powder quality, when you keep it in a closed-loop system.”, says Karl-Fredrik Hultén, Application Engineer at AMEXCI. 

Acquiring a new AM machine does not only mean an investment for AMEXCI, but rather for the future and benefits of our customers. As they gain further experience with Additive Manufacturing, applications that show true potential to be industrialized are being realized more frequently. This makes it possible for us to support our customers even more in their AM journey, with everything from solving a complex business case, to designing an AM product and printing it – now with a mindset and tool allowing serial production.