by Edvin Resebo, CEO at AMEXCI

Three months ago, we were happy to announce our expansion in Finland trough AMEXCI Oy, with the sole purpose to support our owners and customers even more by way of a closer collaboration in Additive Manufacturing. At the same time, we joined FAME, the Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem, an innovative industrial ecosystem that allows us, through cooperation with other AM players in Finland, to contribute to development, knowledge sharing, competencies and skills upgrading in Additive Manufacturing within the Nordic region. However, many of you might wonder how it feels for us to be part of FAME and what our outlook on this collaboration is. Therefore, in this article, we would like to answer the question “What does it mean for us to be part of FAME?”. 

FAME has the focus to increase the use of Additive Manufacturing technologies in the Finish machine manufacturing industry. Moreover, it has the mission to increase the role of 3D printing and bring together Finnish players in the additive manufacturing field. With a high mutual trust and low barriers to collaboration, it allows its members to create an ecosystem that supports development and acquisition of new system level skills, knowledge, and competence. By sharing experiences, information, and data, as well as physical equipment and facilities, its members form an open co-innovation platform that allows for a closer collaboration in the AM field.   

As the role of 3D printing will significantly grow in the next few years, in both the Swedish and Finnish industry, we wanted to be part of FAME and strengthen the development in Additive Manufacturing within the Nordic region even further. We see that there are several highly relevant topics, where we can, trough cooperation, develop data for our industries and share best practices.  It is not only for our shareholders and customers that we want to contribute to FAME’s mission, but also for the Swedish and Finnish society that will benefit from these industrial developments by using AM, as a technology in their manufacturing processes.

Joining FAME allows us to share our experiences of diverse AM technologies with the different actors already involved in the ecosystem, contributing to numerous ongoing and upcoming projects, in order to accelerate the industrial adoption and understanding of Additive Manufacturing. Moreover, through AMEXCI Oy, we will have the possibility to work in close proximity to the other FAME partners, and together develop new application areas of the Additive Manufacturing technologies as well as provide a competitive edge to our Nordic industries in the long run.

Only through a close cooperation in Additive Manufacturing we can start to understand more the benefits and challenges of this technology. Collaboration is key to mastering AM as an enabler for the future, specifically as a production method in our supply chains, and together with FAME, we can leverage our combined experiences in order to achieve this goal.

About Edvin Resebo

Edvin Resebo is CEO of AMEXCI, since the founding of the company in 2017. Background in AM from Siemens Energy business based in Finspång, Sweden, working in R&D for Industrial Gas Turbines (IGT). My vision is to see AM technologies being widely adopted through all business sectors and how we can enable companies on their AM journey to create more resource efficient, high performing and sustainable products.