File preparation for Laser Powder Bed Fusion (L-PBF)


  • · Understand the basics on how to prepare files for printing in LPBF technology.
  • · Understand why good file preparation is important and how it affects part quality
  • · Understand the impact of part design has on file preparation and its influence on print orientation and support strategy


This course is aimed at people who wish to dive into file preparation for L-PBF.  File preparation is a critical step in the 3D printing process that can lead to many errors and result in poor part quality if done incorrectly.  A good understanding of this step in the 3D printing process can help to reduce the risk of print failures and improve overall part quality.  Participants will also understand the relationship of part design on file preparation, and explore its relationship on part orientation and support strategy.  Topics covered in this course include file conversion, part orientation, support generation and printing parameters.


Day 1:

  • · Introduction to Metal LPBF (theory)
  • · File conversion and issues
  • · Part orientation
  • · Support strategies

Day 2:

  • · Support strategies
  • · Production parameters


  • · Designers who want to understand better the technology to improve their design.  
  • · Engineers who want to understand more about the process.

An understanding of the fundamentals of AM and basic L-PBF principles is recommended before attending this course

Maximum 6 participants for this course.

Cost: 23 000 SEK (excl. VAT, lunch and fika included, not accommodation and dinner)

When: 30th and 31st May

Registration: fill in your information through the registration form bellow.

Contact: Maxime Legrand : +46 73 072 10 18