Interspectral is a Swedish 3D visualization software company specializing in solutions for the Industry 4.0 market. They transform complex digital twins into engaging interactive visual experiences and insights.

Out of their core business they have expanded their product offering also into Additive Manufacturing (AM).
– We identified a niche in the AM market, where our proprietary software platform and extensive experience dealing with complex digital twins could be beneficial. AM processes are inherently digital, making them optimal for integration with smart manufacturing techniques, including 3D visualization and AI. We foresaw the potential and turned our focus to this promising segment.

Throughout the last couple of years their has been projects and continuous exchange between Interspectral and AMEXCI.
– AMEXCI is a well known entity within the AM industry, particularly in Northern Europe. It was a natural choice for a strategic partnership when we were ready to launch the AM Explorer into the market. Our first collaborative efforts commenced early in 2021, and since then, we’ve embarked on several research and development initiatives together. These projects have given us the opportunity to work with both Augmented reality and AI extensively.

The relationship between both companies deepened further when Interspectral’s team participated in one of AMEXCI’s workshops. The primary goal of the workshop was to equip the entire team with a foundational understanding of AM.
– This training encompassed more than just our application specialists; it ensured everyone on the team was conversant with the possibilities and limitations of AM. What stood out about the workshop was its customization to our specific needs. This allowed us to absorb all the necessary knowledge in a condensed timeframe. Additionally, we had the opportunity to explore many real-world industry use cases and gain hands-on experience, which was highly beneficial. Our biggest takeaway from the workshop was the establishment of a uniform knowledge base among our team members when it comes to AM. This was a significant achievement because it means we can work much more efficiently in our development efforts. Not only did the workshop serve as an excellent educational platform, but it also facilitated team bonding, making it both a productive and enjoyable experience.

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