Having a background in mechanical engineering and product design, Shanwei ended up being exposed to Additive Manufacturing (AM) as a prototyping tool during his bachelor’s program in Singapore. AMEXCI offered a position that combined using his learned skills and the things he’s passionate about: AM and learning.

-I liked the idea that AMEXCI is a small, dynamic, and young company, but at the same time backed by some of the biggest players in Swedish industry.  I was also very excited at being part of the push for accelerating the development of AM in the Nordics and Europe. 

AM allows everyone to think differently and is as a technology particularly liberating for engineers and designers. It has given us the freedom and ability to make even the craziest ideas into reality.
– I remember being fascinated by it.  I’ve always appreciated clever designs that spark the ‘why-didn’t-I-think-of-that’ part of your brain. With AM suddenly, the ‘crazy’ ideas you might have shelved in the past don’t seem so crazy after all.  Now with AM providing the means, we are only limited by what we can conjure up in our minds, which is why I think introducing new methods, ideas, and ways of thinking with innovation is the next most important, and most natural step.

The Innovation team at AMEXCI designs and creates learning paths and facilitates trainings and workshops in the field of AM. They cover everything from Design principles for AM to the kinds of materials and defect detection, all to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and methodologies to apply AM to their roles at work.  
-We also manage customer projects to help them answer questions like ‘where and how do we apply AM?‘ in their organization. I think the biggest potential for innovation will be, inspiring and shifting mindsets for more people to ‘think AM‘. This will be particularly valuable for more conservative industries who are just beginning to recognize the value-add such as oil and gas and space.

AM has immense potential to transform almost any industry. Along with the increasing digitalization of our economy, AM as a digital technology works hand-in-hand in driving value-add to products and services.  Concepts such as digital warehousing and AI-driven quality assurance or process optimization are great enablers to push AM’s limits even further.
-I see another area where AM can greatly add value and that is in the push for sustainability.  As a technology that consumes less energy and produces less waste, AM can dive the shift from more traditional production means towards a greener future.

Contact: Shanwei Guo, Innovation Manager, shanwei.guo@amexci.com