by Sanziana Feyer, Communications Officer at AMEXCI.

Last year, beginning of December, we could finally meet our shareholders face-to-face again, through the AMEXCI Shareholders Conference – AMxNet21. Numerous additive manufacturing engineers from the AMEXCI shareholding companies joined us in Karlskoga, Sweden, for two days. The main reason of this event was to share insights of each other’s AM journey: sharing knowledge, updating everyone on the new developments within their companies regarding AM, and seeing how to strengthen collaboration in future projects. In this article, we would like to provide you a summary of this event.

Reflecting on different AM journeys

The Innovation team, led by Benjamin Delignon, prepared the event with the support of the whole AMEXCI team. Name tags were printed in polymer, with lattice structures, having every guest’s company details and AMxNet21 written on them. Prepared on tables right at the entrance to AMEXCI, our guests could easily take their assigned tag and enjoy a fika (Swedish word for a cup of coffee and something sweet), while waiting for the event to start.

While talking to most of our shareholders throughout the first day, I discovered that everyone was delighted to meet in person again – to be able to assign a face to a name, that before was only read in e-mails or in Teams meetings, and to feel even more connected with each other. It is, indeed, something totally different, than by communicating through an e-mail or reading the AMEXCI newsletter and social media updates.

I realized, once again, how important it is for us humans, no matter the situation, to have close contact and face-to-face communication with others, to be able to share knowledge and experiences on a more personal level.

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Therefore, during the first day, after everyone reflected on their AM journey, one of the main topics was how to consolidate communication and collaboration within the group – how to ensure that the feeling everyone was experiencing would continue for days, months and years to come.

The day ended with everyone enjoying a Christmas Dinner at Bofors Hotel, where they could continue their discussions, or dive deeper into getting to know one another on a more individual level, such as talking about traveling, previous work and education, or culinary experiences.

Preparing for a new year

The last day of AMxNet21 was mostly filled with group workshops, where all the participants had the chance to choose the topics that interested them the most. Sustainability, health & safety, metal and polymer related AM topics were the different subjects addressed during the morning workshops. Everyone enjoyed the collaborations and was excited to start new projects in the new year to come.

Lastly, Edvin Resebo, CEO at AMEXCI, informed us of the new upcoming developments within the company and summarized the two amazing days with our shareholders. We will communicate about the future developments that will happen at AMEXCI in 2022, so I would gladly advise you to subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

additive manufacturing, sweden, 3d printing, finland, northern europe

Concluding two excellent days and preparing for the future

As I am working with communication at AMEXCI, it was wonderful to meet with some of our shareholders face-to-face for the first time and listen to the ideas, and insightful discussions within the AMEXCI group. I was glad to notice how well-received close contact interactions are compared to the online world, which gave me hope for a 2022 filled with more such experience-sharing events – if the covid-19 situation allows, not only with our shareholders, but also everyone who is interested to start an AM project together with us or is already our customer. Hoping to see as many of you again soon in future events!  

About Sanziana Feyer

Sanziana works as Communications Officer at AMEXCI, having a master’s degree in strategic communication obtained at Lund University and experience in the field. She is passionate about writing, traveling, videography and photography.