Commissioned by AMEXCI AB, RISE Acreo has during the spring of 2018 put together a Strategic Research Agenda, including an industrial timeline on national collaboration for the Swedish Additive Metal Manufacturing Industry. 

Additive Manufacturing has passed the peak of the hype curve, and is steadily becoming an established manufacturing methodology, with and expected annual growth of 28% for metal AM. As with all innovations, there are some challenges to overcome before it can be considered mainstream. The Strategic Research Agenda points out three prioritized challenges that need focused national collaboration for Sweden to stay internationally competitive.

Most of the challenges that the Strategic Research Agenda points out, can and will be met by day-to-day industrial and academic activities. However, AMEXCI, RISE Acreo and the companies supporting the initiative, would like to prioritize three challenges – design competence, quality and productivity, and occupational health issues.

The following organisations and corporations, some of which are AMEXCI shareholders, support the Strategic Research Agenda: Siemens, Saab, Electrolux, Epiroc, ABB, Husqvarna, Höganäs, AIM, Stora Enso, Scania, Arcam EBM, Atlas Copco, Chalmers University of Technology, FAM, SKF, Lasertech LSH AB, Örebro University, University West, Alfred Nobel Science Park, Wärtsilä, RISE, AMEXCI AB.

Read the full agenda here:



AMEXCI is a joint venture, R&D company, founded by eleven Nordic corporations. AMEXCI aims to accelerate the industrial use of additive manufacturing (AM) by raising awareness of the technology and support customers in developing products and people, services and processes – using additive manufacturing as the enabler for higher performance, shorter lead times, and more innovative and sustainable future production.  

Founding shareholders of AMEXCI are; ABB, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, FAM, Husqvarna Group, Höganäs AB, Saab, Scania, SKF, Stora Enso and Wärtsilä.