AMEXCI has established a solid foothold in Finland to boost the industrialization of additive manufacturing and expand our collaboration in the Nordics. We have opened the doors to our state-of-the-art additive manufacturing (AM) facility in Tampere which will be our base for spreading AM know-how and ramp up production development of high-quality AM parts.

In 2021 AMEXCI took a strategic decision to expand its business to Tampere – the second-largest urban area in Finland and the third most populous municipality – to be closer to end customers in the area and to secure the production of high-quality AM parts. The new premises in Tampere have undergone a complete renovation to meet standards for safe, high-quality development and production of additive manufacturing products. Our team of experts are in full swing with the daily operations which encompasses not only machine and AM process related topics but also training and business development together with our customers.

The machine installed in Tampere is an AMCM M290-2 machine which utilizes two 400W Yb fiber lasers.

 -AMEXCI has a significant concentration of AM expertise gathered in Tampere. Our facility is a physical place where Finish and Nordic clients can visit and experience industrial 3D printing up close. At the same time, the facility function as a bridgehead for AMEXCI’s extensive expertise and production capacity, says Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director at AMEXCI.

Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director, AMEXCI Oy

A country under industrial transformation
Finland is on the verge of ramping up the utilization of additive manufacturing and has become an important market for AM stakeholders. Several initiatives have been made in the past years to bring back production to the country and adapt to today’s industrial reality of more sustainable and flexible production flows. Other factors considered as Finland is moving closer to AM serial production are higher production rates and export opportunities. Johannes Karjalainen says that to guarantee customer success, AMEXCI always gathers the best possible combination of leading AM experts for customer projects.
-We always choose the most suitable production technology for R&D and serial production cases. Our services include business development projects using AM to lower costs, decrease lead times, and innovate products and solutions, says Karjalainen.

A strategic location for close collaboration with new and existing customers
Tampere, a city in constant development, incorporates a vast array of manufacturing industries working with new technologies, including AM. Moreover, it is a city with a central geographical location, thus facilitating face-to-face meetings between customers and AMEXCI. The city also has a university providing collaboration opportunities on diverse research projects, where AMEXCI will continue to bridge the gap between academia and industry and, drive forward technology use, material and parameter development, and health and safety-related research.

For more information about AMEXCI’s expansion to Finland, please contact: Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director: 

AMEXCI, a Nordic Additive Manufacturing company, develops, together with its customers, a new generation of products where AM acts as an enabler for higher competitiveness and more sustainable production. Furthermore, we offer a range of trainings and workshops to build successful business cases. We have the capability to design, produce and qualify components.

Our mission is to drive excellence and accelerate the adoption of Additive Manufacturing technologies. We act as a resource for our customers, providing them services and expertise in AM, to stay competitive and sustainable in the global arena.

AMEXCI is currently owned by 12 leading Nordic Industrial companies: ABB, Atlas Copco, Electrolux, Ericsson, FAM, Husqvarna Group, Höganäs AB, Saab, Scania, SKF, Stora Enso and Wärtsilä