AMEXCI has two physical locations in two countries, but only one team and target. Our new operating model consisting of a bigger team allows us to provide even better service to our customers.

Close collaboration and co-development with our customer have led us in a position where the number of projects and applications is constantly growing. AM has unique advantages compared to traditional technologies including lead time of components. When workload is increasing also lead times tends to increase. Many AM companies are struggling with prolonged lead times. We, however, have been able to tackle the challenge with seamless integration of our team and two facilities utilizing our full capacity available in the Nordics.

This way of production planning increases the overall efficiency. An increased number of machines has allowed us to improve our production flow and reduced the number of time-consuming material changes as we can focus the individual strengths of machines and specific alloys. As a result, we can increase OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) of our existing capacity which leads to reduced lead time and cost for our customers.

The addition of a metal additive manufacturing machine arrived in Tampere in 2022.

New perspectives on quality
At the moment, many people and companies are talking about future possibilities to leverage distributed manufacturing. It is the process of producing a part near the end-use location, which will reduce lead times and carbon footprint. Only a few, however, have experience in such a process. At AMEXCI, we are still really cautious when it comes to transfer of critical production jobs from one place to another. Therefore, we are in the process of producing data to have a better understanding about transferability of validated production jobs and what implications there might be. AMEXCI’s two locations utilize the same quality management system, which gives us a good opportunity to benchmark distributed manufacturing. In the long run, this research will pave the way to leverage distributed manufacturing while continuing to meet our quality and sustainability goals.

Research with focus on material
In the past years, AMEXCI’s Swedish division has produced vast amounts of material specimens and validated materials suitable for different industry applications – including aerospace components. While the Finnish division has spent its first weeks conducting extensive calibration of the newly added 3D printing machine, they are now catching up on the material validation and can share the load with certainty in the results. The material data is not only being produced for internal research purposes but with the goal to unlock the full potential of distributed manufacturing. the vast amount of material specimens will be instrumental for our customers and support larger scale research and developments streams within additive manufacturing. 

Specific public funded projects where AMEXCI is contributing is our participation in the Finnish governmental research project DREAMS, funded by Business Finland. DREAMS is an AM research project aiming to create an extensive material database for FAME (Finnish Additive Manufacturing Ecosystem). Within the DREAMS project, AMEXCI will produce hundreds of specimens focusing on fatigue properties tested by Finnish universities. 

Stay tuned
Heading into 2023 we will be pushing the limits of distributed production and we aim to share our findings with you soon. Stay tuned!

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