Having a passion for materials engineering, Victor Pacheco swapped an academic career for the additive manufacturing (AM) industry. The driving factor was the ambition to dive into the manufacturing requirements of various industry sectors and deliver valuable AM insights applicable to industry.

It wasn’t clear to Victor that he would end up in additive manufacturing when he started his bachelor’s, or even his master’s degree in Material Science and Engineering. What first caught his interest was conventional manufacturing, especially casting. Later, when investigating amorphous metals during his masters at Saarland University, he came across additive manufacturing for the first time, a technology showing huge potential for production of this type of material. This changed the direction of his future career.

After graduating in Venezuela, Victor took a trip to Toronto, Canada before moving across the arctic to Luleå in Sweden. His PhD was conducted at Uppsala University where he focused on Laser Powder Bed Fusion technology.
– The innovative aspects of additive manufacturing and the ability to print complex parts from a design perspective were not the driving factors when I discovered the technology. Based on my background in materials science I was fascinated with the potential of controlling material’s microstructures, developing novel alloys and even combining various materials in the same component, Victor says.

While finalizing his PhD he realized he wanted to work in driving research to support industry’s development. That’s when he encountered AMEXCI for the first time.
– AMEXCI was one of the companies I had kept track of during my PhD. I noticed the company on social media and was attracted by the owner structure of leading Nordic companies who saw the potential of additive manufacturing.

At AMEXCI Victor gathers and analyzes the latest trends in additive manufacturing, including materials development, technology and processes as well as technology providers. When customers seek to investigate their next technology or material investment, it is the research department’s responsibility to deliver pre-studies as well as extended studies on the topic and support them with insights as well as knowledge.
– I find it meaningful and giving to be able to provide instant results to customers. I also learn new things all the time since the requirements from various industries differ so much.

Contact: victor.pacheco@amexci.com