Watch the full webinar with Benjamin Haller, Head of Innovation at AMEXCI. The webinar was hosted by PDS Vision and held live on July 6th 2020.

In this webinar hosted by PDS Vision, AMEXCI’s Head of Innovation, Benjamin Haller, presents two examples of how companies can use Additive Manufacturing as a tool to react quickly to challenges in the supply chain.

Besides talking about successful cases, he focuses on showing a typical path that companies take to get from idea to their first successful project utilizing Additive Manufacturing.

Who is it for?

Anybody who wants to understand how Additive Manufacturing can be used to generate a real value add to an organisation.

What value will you gain?

Successful AM use-cases as inspiration for your own company.

Understand the roadmap companies take from idea to production.

How to get in touch and learn more

If you would like to discuss any of the cases from the webinar or how AMEXCI can support in implementing Additive Manufacturing in your company, reach out to AMEXCI’s Head Of Innovation Benjamin Haller:

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In his position as Head of Innovation at AMEXCI, Benjamin Haller is responsible for educating designers, managers and engineers in all areas of Additive Manufacturing as well as for the co-creation of innovative applications.