As the marine sector is increasing their use of additive manufacturing (AM) technologies within their product portfolio, two groups of engineers and decision-makers from Wärtsilä took part in design for AM trainings at AMEXCI, to strengthen the AM know-how within their teams. Find out how these two groups used hands-on trainings to gain practical experience and create an overall understanding of how additive manufacturing can positively affect the company’s products. 

Wärtsilä has already strategies for AM in place throughout the organization. However, to tackle challenges ahead, the company requires more widespread knowledge in design for AM. With the help of its Innovation and Production team, AMEXCI could therefore support Wärtsilä with two hands-on AM trainings. One of the trainings was tailored to decision-markers’ needs, providing them required knowledge and the tools to make good judgements about AM. The other training was focused on engineers, their need for practical experience and knowledge in how to design for AM, as well as how their design affects both AM products and processes. 

Utilizing hands-on practice in safe AM-environments
The design training, customized for design engineers, started with the AM fundamentals course, followed by an individual design, a homework the participants received on a predetermined AM component. The part itself was printed at AMEXCI, while on the last day, the participants put on proper equipment to remove the support structures from their parts. Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director of AMEXCI Oy, leading the workshop says AMEXCI tailored the hands-on training to create sufficient knowledge and confidence among the participants to continue their AM journey at home.
— Mixing theoretical lessons with practical execution is an excellent way to learn, especially since AM, at first hand, can seem tricky to implement. During this workshop the participants has space to test, fail, and try again – in safe AM facilities here at AMEXCI, says Johannes Karjalainen, Managing Director at AMEXCI Oy. 

Fredrik Roos, who took part in the hands-on design training is an engineer in conventional design. He joined this course to widen his experience in AM to be able to lead AM projects better in the future. 
— Moving from across the basic design guidelines to the post processing of our printed parts in a hands-on fashion, generated a broader understanding o the whole AM process. These learnings are valuable then we communicate with our AM team at Wärtsilä or when I estimate AM feasibility in a new project, says Fredrik Roos. 

Developing together as a team 
While the design workshop emphasised “learning by doing” on an operational level, the second training gave decision-makers the right tools to make good judgements about AM on an overall business level. Moreover, they investigated the parts that heir team members had designed and finalised. Franco Cavressi, one of the participating managers, leads several design teams and works with Engineering Innovation and Advanced Concepts at Wärtsilä. He says that it is crucial in his position to keep himself updated on new technologies as well as provide his team with relevant competence development. 
— To be an effective leader for my teams and give them prerequisites to develop as professionals, I must keep myself up to date on existing and new technologies. Coming to AMEXCI to take part in this extensive course and seeing the benefits of AM, makes me confident that we are on the right path. Moreover, I was impressed by the high level of competence of the people working at AMEXCI and by how truly passionate they are about AM, says Franco Cavressi. 

Changing the AM mindset
AMEXCI mainly offers tailored trainings and courses to meet customers’ needs. This specific training aimed to give teams from assembly to management at Wärtsilä, the prerequisites to start work with AM at home. In the learning process it is important to provide relevant AM information for the participants, and help them understand what benefits AM brings for them.  
— The key for successful AM training is to provide background theory and connect the learnings to the real workflow, including machines, processes and people. This experience guide the participants from basic AM-theory, throughout the whole AM workflow, here in AMEXCI’s state-of-the-art facility, says Johannes Karjalainen. 

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